Month: November 2023

Blast Network Achieves $400 Million TVL Amidst Centralization Concerns
KyberSwap Offers $4.6 Million Bounty in Negotiation With Hacker After $46 Million Heist
Montenegro Court Approves Extradition of Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon
HTX (formerly Huobi Global) to Resume Operations Within 24 Hours After $13.6M Hack
Bitcoin User Accidentally Pays Record $3.1M Transaction Fee for 139 BTC Transfer
Belgium Aims to Revitalize EU Blockchain Infrastructure Project During Upcoming EU Presidency
HECO Chain Bridge Compromised: Over $86.6 Million Sent to Suspicious Addresses
Binance and CZ's DOJ Settlement Viewed as Bullish for Bitcoin ETF by Crypto Community
Bitcoin Transaction Fees Surpass Ethereum's Amid Ordinals Hype