Fireblocks and UniPass Wallet Address Ethereum ERC-4337 Account Abstraction Vulnerability

Cryptocurrency infrastructure company Fireblocks recently discovered and resolved the first account abstraction vulnerability within the Ethereum ecosystem. This vulnerability was found in the smart contract wallet UniPass and could potentially allow an attacker to carry out a full account takeover.

Key points about this discovery and resolution:

  • Vulnerability Details: The vulnerability identified is called an ERC-4337 account abstraction vulnerability, which was present in UniPass smart contract wallets. It could enable an attacker to manipulate Ethereum’s account abstraction process and take over a UniPass Wallet.
  • Account Abstraction in Ethereum: Ethereum’s account abstraction allows for changes in the way transactions and smart contracts are processed by the blockchain. It introduces the concept of meta-transactions and abstracted accounts, which are not tied to a specific private key and can initiate transactions like externally owned accounts (EOAs).
  • White Hat Hacking Operation: Fireblocks found this vulnerability during a white hat hacking operation and collaborated with UniPass to address it. They discovered that a malicious actor could gain control of UniPass wallets by replacing the trusted EntryPoint of the wallet. Once control was established, the attacker could access and withdraw funds from the wallet.
  • Number of Vulnerable Users: Several hundred users with the ERC-4337 module activated in their wallets were potentially vulnerable to this attack. These wallets held small amounts of funds, and the issue was addressed early on.
  • Resolution: Fireblocks and UniPass worked together to resolve the vulnerability and conducted a white hat operation to patch existing issues. This operation involved exploiting the vulnerability to demonstrate the potential attack and then developing countermeasures.

The successful resolution of this vulnerability showcases the importance of identifying and addressing security issues in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, helping to enhance the overall safety of the ecosystem.

By Urik

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