Australia, June 14, 2023 – The Hackfest Web3 Summer Hackathon, jointly hosted by CloudTech Group and JR Academy, has come to a successful conclusion. This event has attracted the attention of numerous global investment institutions and project teams and took place from June 5th to June 13th in Australia, spanning over 8 days.

During this event, 8 outstanding blockchain teams from around the world came together to showcase the innovation and expertise of their respective projects. They engaged in lively discussions with investment institutions and users on-site, exploring the prospects of blockchain technology applications in various fields.

After eight days of intense competition, the Starlink team from Australia, the Kickoff team from Vietnam, and the Lens talk team from Singapore emerged as the top three winners of the Hackfest Web3 Summer Hackathon. These three outstanding teams will share the $300,000 prize pool provided by the event, recognizing their achievements in the field of blockchain innovation.

It is reported that in addition to cash rewards, the three participating investment institutions also made on-site investments in the outstanding project Starlink. This initiative further deepens the event’s commitment to promoting and supporting blockchain innovation.

The successful organization of the Hackfest Web3 Summer Hackathon is attributed to the strong support and participation of CloudTech Group, JR Academy, several investment institutions, and the Australian Blockchain Association. The event aims to build a platform for intelligent and fully-chain applications, focusing primarily on innovative applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3. The three winning teams undoubtedly demonstrate their leading position and innovative capabilities in this field, contributing significantly to the development of blockchain technology.

STARLINK focuses on building scalable applications and promoting the development of Web3. Its unique Web3 ecosystem allows users to easily discover the best Web3 projects. The platform, beyond being an advertising media management solution, is a space where innovation and collaboration meet. Through STARLINK, developers can engage with their audience in a more meaningful way, and users can experience the latest Web3 technologies. The Starlink team, led by CEO Aaron, is known for its extensive expertise in the cryptocurrency industry. An active member of the Australian Blockchain Association and CEO of Darqtec, Aaron has been exploring and innovating in key areas such as Layer2 and DeFi for many years, and Aaron has a wealth of resources and contacts in the Australian blockchain industry, putting Starlink access to more WEB3 projects and be at the forefront of Web3 development. Starlink’s COO, Paul, has led the development and operation of several large-scale WEB3 infrastructure projects and has a strong understanding of how to serve the development of WEB3 projects as well as how to develop and implement WEB3 infrastructure.

Kickoff combines the excitement of football with the transparency of blockchain, introducing an NFT-based betting game platform with football as the theme. The platform invites users into the realm of strategic gaming, integrating the world’s most popular sport with cutting-edge technology. The Kickoff team, composed of seasoned football enthusiasts, brings significant experience in integrating sports with blockchain. The founder has previously developed NFT card games, demonstrating a deep understanding of how NFTs can be combined with gaming.

Lens talk:
Lens talk utilizes artificial intelligence technology and introduces a smart chat software integrated with the Lens protocol. This innovation aims to become a novel social interaction platform, redefining digital communication in the WEB3 era. The Lenstalk team, previously involved in entrepreneurial work in the social sector during the WEB2 era, is now fully dedicated to incorporating cryptocurrency technology into Lenstal products, blending the concepts of social, AI, and Web3.

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