Swiss Crypto Bank Seba Evolves into Amina for Global Expansion

Swiss cryptocurrency-enabled bank Seba is undergoing a significant transformation as it rebrands itself as Amina Bank AG, marking a new chapter in its global expansion strategy. The decision to change its name from SEBA Bank is attributed to similarities with SEB Bank in Sweden, and the rebranding aligns with the company’s vision to compound different elements of traditional, digital, and crypto banking.

The term “Amina” is derived from “transamination,” signifying the transference of one compound to another. This represents the bank’s mission to bring together various facets of banking. The rebranding also reflects the company’s commitment to overcoming challenges and evolving in the dynamic crypto-banking landscape.

Seba’s CEO, Sebastien Merillat, expressed his passion for technology in a 2019 interview, emphasizing the importance of embracing technological advancements. The rebranding to Amina comes at a time when the crypto bank is actively expanding its products and services globally. Seba recently obtained a license from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, allowing it to offer crypto trading services in the region.

Amina’s CEO, Franz Bergmueller, highlighted the bank’s ambitions for 2024, aiming to accelerate growth in strategic hubs such as Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Abu Dhabi while continuing its global expansion. The bank remains focused on three key regions: Switzerland, Abu Dhabi, and the Asia-Pacific region, including Hong Kong and Singapore.

Existing clients of Amina Bank, formerly known as Seba Bank, will experience no disruption during the rebranding, as all operations will continue seamlessly. Amina Bank, a major player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, has been instrumental in enabling financial institutions to offer crypto-related services. The rebranding signifies a strategic move to position itself for further growth and innovation in the evolving crypto-banking sector.

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