FTX Claim Prices Surge to 57% Amid AI Company Valuation

FTX’s claim prices have recently surged, reaching a peak of 57%, according to data from Claims Market. This increase is attributed to the growing valuation of artificial intelligence (AI) companies that the now-bankrupt crypto exchange had previously invested in. Claim pricing is a significant metric for creditors trying to recover their investments in businesses experiencing financial difficulties or bankruptcy. The higher the claim price, the more potential recovery value creditors can expect.

As the valuation of FTX’s investments in AI companies increased, so did the estimated recovery value for creditors in the bankruptcy process. FTX’s claim percentage value now ranks higher compared to other bankrupt crypto firms. For example, Celsius has a claim percentage of 35–40%, Genesis has about 50%, Alameda stands at 10%, and Three Arrows Capital is only 7–9%.

This surge in FTX’s claim pricing coincides with the conclusion of the public trial of former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, who was found guilty on all seven charges. The judge will announce the sentencing in March 2024.

Throughout the bankruptcy proceedings, FTX’s claims have been a prominent topic of discussion in the crypto community. The judge previously allowed FTX to sell nearly $3.4 billion worth of crypto assets to compensate creditors. With the rising prices of cryptocurrencies and the increasing valuation of the companies in which FTX invested, creditors may have a better chance of recovering a substantial portion of their lost investments from FTX.

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