Bitfinex Securities Announces Debut Tokenized Bond, Paving the Way for a New Era in Capital Raising

Bitfinex Securities, a prominent platform dedicated to listing real-world tokenized securities, has unveiled its inaugural tokenized bond, set to debut in November. Named ALT2611, this innovative tokenized bond is a 36-month security with a 10% coupon rate, denominated in Tether (USDT), and issued by Mikro Kapital, a globally recognized leader in microfinance.

The tokenized bond, ALT2611, will assume the inherent risks associated with the debt and equity of microfinance organizations, small financial institutions, leasing companies, and banks across Italy, Romania, Moldova, and other developing nations along the historical Silk Road. The Silk Road, renowned for connecting Europe, the Middle East, and Asia through a network of trade routes, serves as a symbol of global economic connectivity.

Bitfinex’s Chief Technology Officer, Paolo Ardoino, hailed the introduction of the first tokenized bond on their securities platform as the dawn of a new era for capital raising, characterized by the presence of deep liquid markets and stock/fond markets.

The Bitfinex Securities platform is designed to facilitate capital raising for issuers seeking to list their tokenized securities on a public exchange. It provides access to a diverse range of financial instruments, with a focus on blockchain-based bonds, stocks, and investment funds.

Businesses can leverage Bitfinex Securities to list their tokenized securities directly on the exchange or utilize the platform for trading their securities efficiently. Furthermore, companies have the opportunity to tokenize their assets, including debt and equity securities, enabling transactions on exchanges and between wallets, employing technology akin to cryptocurrencies.

Securities are financial instruments that can be traded and converted into various currencies, accessible in both public and private markets. These instruments fall into three primary categories: debt (e.g., loans with regular repayments), hybrids (a combination of debt and equity elements), and equity (conveying ownership rights to holders).

Bitfinex has outlined that the tokenized bond, ALT2611, will debut at a price of 100 USDT, with a minimum investment amount of 125,000 USDT. The distribution of these securities will commence approximately one week after the conclusion of the capital raising process, with a maturity period of three years from the day of issuance. The governance and interpretation of the securities bond will be conducted in accordance with the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

According to the official announcement, Mikro Kapital intends to issue 100,000 securitized tokens of ALT2611 to raise a total of 10 million USDT. Importantly, ALT2611 will not be offered or made available to U.S. citizens or individuals present in the U.S. or in any jurisdiction where such offers or sales would be considered unlawful. This ensures compliance with applicable regulatory restrictions.

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