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ELONN.AI, backed by SMART VALOR, a Switzerland-based technology company and notably, the first and only digital asset exchange listed on Nasdaq in Europe, today announced the first stage of its product roadmap and launch of the anticipated app.

In a bold pursuit to disrupt the supremacy of Big Tech in the realm of AI, the founder’s vision is to craft an AI companion, elevating every investment experience with heightened intelligence, safety, and effortless simplicity. As an initiator, SMART VALOR has funded the initial development of ELONN.AI for the amount of $14m – with part of the funding stemming from the company’s IPO on Nasdaq First North last year.

The first building block of the ELONN.AI app is a real-time news aggregator that synthesizes key facts, helping investors break through the informational barrier, whilst staying on top of key market information relevant to them. ELONN.AI takes over a broad range of investment-related activities from expensive finance professionals, ranging from analytics and preparing investment decisions, to execution of transactions and risk monitoring, adjusting investors’ portfolios in real-time. 

The ELONN.AI app is our way to break down both the barriers of entry to investing. We believe that the future of AI is decentralized, open-source, and does not belong in walled gardens. We have absolute conviction in our community-driven approach to initiating ELONN.AI and today’s release of the first building block of ELONN.AI is our latest demonstration of that. We are excited to level the playing field for investors and open up access to important information that is presented in an easily digestible, practical format and helps investors make better decisions“, said Olga Feldmeier, the Chief Evengelizer of ELONN.AI

This innovation will be made possible through the integration of deep-dive AI analytics into the investment process. The AI agent will sift through a plethora of on and off-chain data, research reports, social media, and news, on behalf of investors and be able to transact within the delegated mandate. In this way, ELONN.AI can be thought of as an AI-powered meta layer that works as a collective of individual AI agents assisting users in not only making better investing decisions but also executing them across their wallets and exchange accounts and monitoring risks on a continuous basis.  

Features of the first building block of the ELONN.AI app include:

–       The app aggregates the most important news across hundreds of news outlets avoiding duplication.

–        Updates in real-time: Each time the user opens the app, they receive the most recent news available online.

–        Creates summaries of the most important key facts of each article, saving users time.

–        Presents updates alongside key crypto topics such as market news, bitcoin, altcoins, and technology. 

–        Allows users to choose from either concentrated summaries, or dive into full articles with an integrated web view without leaving the app.

The Enhanced Language Oriented Neural Network (ELONN.AI) app will be globally available as of October 20th, as the first stage in the roll-out of the project’s comprehensive AI investment agent.



SMART VALOR is a Switzerland-based technology fintech company founded in 2017. It has the distinction of launching the first fully regulated digital asset exchange out of Switzerland and Liechtenstein back in 2019, being and becoming the first European digital asset exchange to be listed on Nasdaq First North.  Through its subsidiary in Germany, SMART VALOR Services GmbH, the company specializes in providing IT development services at the intersection of WEB 3 and AI. It serves business customers with a variety of technical solutions. These include API platforms for exchange transactions such as Bitcoin purchases on the ticket machine network of Swiss national railways and white-label trading platforms for banks and fintech. 

With a proven track record of delivering robust financial solutions, never experiencing any type of security breach during the seven years since its inception, the company has established itself as a trusted gateway to Web3 technology.



ELONN.AI stands for ENHANCED_LANGUAGE_ORIENTED_NEURAL_NETWORK and is the first glimpse at the future of investing in leveraging the power of generative AI. It combines a comprehensive execution layer with a deep-dive AI Analytics which are built leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Large Language Models (LLM) sifting through a plethora of on- and off-chain data, research reports, social media, and news and enabling investors to make better investment decisions.


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