Jan 12,2022 – KEY3.id announces the official support of multi-chain transactions, supporting major public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, TRON, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana and more. Users now can directly access dApps from different chains using KEY3.id’s .did domain name and Blue-Chip NFT bound DID to make transactions,send and receive tokens as well as NFTs.

KEY3.id, as the only DID on Ethereum chain to support multi-chain transactions also has  received the access and support from industry leading wallets such as KuCoin Wallet, CoinHub Wallet, Wallet3 and exchanges such as Yibi. KEY3.id is also planning to set up an ecosystem to support more public chains, deploy more chains using KEY3.id’s DID and integrate with various types of dApps, expand the user base of the domain, and commit to providing users with more web3 application scenarios.

Kory Park, CEO of KEY3.id said: ”KEY3.id wants to meet the demand of users to better interact with dApps across multiple chains and provide users with practical applications. If DIDs are limited to a single ETH chain, users can only access dApps on that one chain which decreases the usability of DIDs. At the same time, information is also not synergized between different chain resulting users registering many DIDs in order to access dApps for different chains, which is very inconvenient both in terms of registration and management.”

To celebrate the year 2023, KEY3.id is launching a Lucky 2023 campaign on January 12 (UTC+8) to embrace the new year with the community. During the 5-day campaign, users can transfer 0.2023 USDT to appointed DIDs provided by wallet partners including KuCoin Wallet, CoinHub Wallet and Wallet3 to enter a prize draw to win USDT, Game Space game NFTs, 5D and 6D DIDs.

Steps of Participating Lucky 2023 Campaign: 

  1. Transfer 0.2023 USDT to the appointed wallet address using KEY3.id partner wallets (KuCoin Wallet, CoinHub Wallet, Wallet3). Different wallet partners will provide their own DIDs, after the transaction, share the screenshot of the transaction on Twitter and tag @KEY3id and Kory Pak, CEO of KEY3.id @ Korypak. Users will have the opportunity to win USDT, Game Space game NFT, 5D and 6D DID. 

(KuCoin Wallet address: 2023kuwallet.did; CoinHub Wallet address: coinhub.did; Wallet3 Wallet address: dagen.did)

  1. Users can choose the supported chains to transfer funds: Eth, Solana, Tron, Polygon, BNB Chain. 
  1. For every transfer made, the user will receive 1 raffle code. After the event, 220 lucky winners will be selected by KEY3.id and the prizes will be distributed to KEY3.id’s DID holders. If the user doesn’t have a KEY3.id DID, please visit https://key3.id/ to claim for free.
  1. One user can win multiple times in this campaign and KEY3.did will also return all prizes received as a prize pool to users.
  1. Follow @KEY3id official Twitter to participate and find out more details about the campaign.

According to the official announcement, KEY3.id launched .did domain name in the first phase with intention to provide a permanently free DID for every user who enters web3, and to empower users to get a Free to Own DID Web3 experience. KEY3.id wants to lower the barrier of entering Web3 and provide users with free DIDs that are neutral, inclusive and supporting multi-chain to help build a better, more connected Web3 world.

About KEY3.id

The KEY3.id is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. .did is the 1st DID launched by KEY3.id, aimed to provide users with decentralized identity in Web3 with the features of Free to claim, Free to renew, Free forever. KEY3.id also supports the DIDs of 20 other Blue-Chip NFT bound domain names, including .bayc, .mfer, .mimic, .doodle, .moonbird etc.









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