Ukraine And US seize 9 cryptocurrency

In a joint operation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Ukrainian authorities seized nine exchange domains on money laundering allegations. The domains were associated with entities that were allegedly involved in laundering proceeds from criminal activities through the use of cryptocurrencies.

The operation was conducted in collaboration with the Ukrainian National Police and the nation’s cyber police unit, the FBI said in a statement. The domains were seized under a court order issued in the United States. The operation was part of a broader crackdown on illicit activities involving cryptocurrencies.

The entities reportedly used the seized domains to convert illegal proceeds into cryptocurrencies and transfer them to other accounts. The organizations are accused of engaging in various unlawful actions, such as ransomware campaigns, phishing schemes, and identity theft. Together with Ukrainian authorities, the FBI has been battling the use of cryptocurrency for illegal activities.

The two agencies have been sharing information and intelligence to identify and disrupt criminal activities involving cryptocurrencies. This operation is a good illustration of how law enforcement agencies from across the world are working more closely together to stop the use of cryptocurrencies for money laundering and other illegal activities.

Regulators and law enforcement organizations are stepping up their efforts to counteract the use of digital assets for criminal purposes; therefore, it is likely that the crackdown on illegal cryptocurrency activity will continue.

The seizure of the nine exchange domains is a significant step towards disrupting the illicit activities of the entities involved in money laundering through cryptocurrencies. The action sends a clear message that individuals looking to exploit bitcoins for illegal activities won’t be able to do so without consequence.


The collaboration between the FBI and Ukrainian authorities to seize the nine exchange domains is a significant development in the ongoing fight against money laundering and other illegal activities involving cryptocurrencies. The action serves as a reminder of how essential international collaboration is to prevent the illicit exploitation of digital assets.

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