Bitcoin Miners Hit Annual All-Time High, Earning $44 Million in a Day

On November 12, the Bitcoin mining community achieved its annual all-time high, generating over $44 million in block rewards and transaction fees in a single day. This milestone marked a significant reversal of the overall trend in 2023, with crypto entrepreneurs playing a pivotal role in restoring investor confidence.

Bitcoin mining revenue primarily comes from rewards for confirming transactions and creating new blocks using specialized computer equipment known as mining rigs. Miners currently receive 6.25 BTC for every successfully created block, along with transaction fees.

The daily Bitcoin mining rewards exceeded $44 million for the first time in 2023, a level last observed in April 2022, according to data from

Between April 2022 and November 2023, various factors contributed to a decline in the revenue of Bitcoin miners globally. These factors included a prolonged bear market, negative investor sentiment surrounding scams and ecosystem collapses, and unfriendly regulations hindering free Bitcoin transactions.

However, in 2023, there was a notable trend reversal as crypto entrepreneurs took charge, contributing to the restoration of investor confidence. The mining community experienced a year-long increase in revenue, fueled by rising market prices and growing interest among the masses.

Bitcoin mining firm Marathon Digital Holdings reported a remarkable 670% year-on-year revenue surge in the third quarter of 2023, accompanied by an almost five-fold increase in Bitcoin production.

Noteworthy is the active participation of various countries, alongside Bitcoin mining companies and individual miners, in securing the Bitcoin network through mining activities. Bhutan, a landlocked Asian country, has been actively mining Bitcoin using hydropower since the BTC price was $5,000 in April 2019. The country is reportedly exploring partnerships, including negotiations with Nasdaq-listed mining company Bitdeer, to secure 100 megawatts of power for a Bitcoin mining data center in Bhutan. This partnership would enhance Bitdeer’s mining capacity by about 12%.

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