Former Goldman Sachs Executive Predicts Ethereum to Outperform Bitcoin in Late Crypto Spring

Renowned macro guru Raoul Pal, a former executive at Goldman Sachs, has shared his belief that Ethereum (ETH) is poised to outperform Bitcoin (BTC) as the cryptocurrency markets enter a new phase referred to as “Crypto Spring.” Pal, known for his insights into financial markets, based his prediction on the Tom Demark Sequential indicator.

Pal explained that the weekly DeMark 9 count for the ETH/BTC cross suggests that Ethereum is likely to outperform Bitcoin in the late stages of the Crypto Spring. The Demark Sequential indicator is designed to identify potential points of trend exhaustion or price reversal in financial markets.

He shared his perspective on social media, stating, “That is the weekly DeMark 9 count for the ETH/BTC cross. ETH most likely outperforms from here as per usual at this stage in late Crypto Spring.”

Pal further elaborated on the potential of Ethereum-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs), describing them as the “holy grail” for asset managers. He emphasized that an ETH ETF would be highly attractive for asset managers, allowing them to capture yield while providing price performance to ETF holders. Pal acknowledged the profitability of this business model but noted that it could face competition in the future.

However, Pal’s viewpoint contradicts that of crypto strategist Benjamin Cowen, who recently issued an alert asserting that Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D), which tracks the percentage of the total market cap belonging to Bitcoin, will continue to be bullish. Cowen suggested that this dominance trend could lead to altcoins, including Ethereum, lagging behind Bitcoin.

Pal’s prediction adds to the ongoing debate about the relative performance of major cryptocurrencies, with market participants closely watching developments in both the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems.

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